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Survival skills are important for anyone participating in adventure sports.

Survival Skills, Wilderness Training and Bushcraft

Anyone who participates in adventure sports is well advised to have a basic knowledge of survival skills. Useful skills include finding shelter, making water safe to drink, making fire, finding food and treating injury.

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Survival skills are techniques that provide the basic necessities to survive dangerous situations, the three basics being water, food and shelter.
Water - Humans cannot survive more than three days without water.
Food - Humans cannot survive more than three weeks without food.
Shelter - Humans cannot survive more than three hours exposed to extreme low temperatures.
These are called the `rule of three`. They are only a rough guide and will vary from person to person depending on many factors such as age and health. A persons survival in not just down to the physical aspects but also their mental state of mind. It is crucial to think straight, to signal for help if needed, to navigate safely,  to have knowledge of first aid and also knowledge of plants and animals that could be dangerous.
The boy scouts utilize a mnemonic device `STOP` to address the mental aspects of survival. S -STOP T-THINK O-OBSERVE P-PLAN

Wilderness survival teaches the skills needed to survive short term (1 to 4 days) and medium term (4 to 40 days). This training includes the teaching of the  physical aspects and  the techniques to survive the `rules of three`. The other part of the coarse includes the training of mental competence, emotions that arise and how to overcome them. The main emotions being fear, anxiety, panic, anger, depression, guilt and loneliness.

Primitive survival teaches the techniques needed to survive long term (40 days plus). This type of training requires much more than the basics of wilderness survival, some of the skills needed include climbing and mountaineering, making rope out of readily available material, fire craft, making rafts and boats, knot tying, knife usage and basic tool making. The skills of knife usage are essential as this can assist in many things such as  building a shelter and for fire building.

Bush  craft is a combination of wilderness and primitive survival. It is about  surviving and thriving in the natural environment whilst using both ancient and modern day  techniques and knowledge. Ancient bush craft skills include fire craft, tracking and hunting, shelter building, the use of tools such as knifes and axes, foraging and rope and twine making. These kind of skills have been and  still are used through out the world for thousands of years.
There are several organisations that offer survival training, they can range from one day for the basics to field courses lasting as long as a month  for bush craft and primitive survival. They will cover both preparation and guidance for dealing with eventualities.

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