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Jet-Skis, Power boats and Zap Cats for the thrill of speed on water.

Small Power Boats, Zap Cats and Jet-Skis or PWC's
Power boats have a high power to weight ratio and the hull is design to plane over the water which allows for high speed.

Zap Cats are basically a small inflatable catamarans - not much more than two rubber tubes held together with a wide plank and a big outboard motor strapped to the back. The resulting power to weight ratio, similar to a Formula One car, means they insanely fast and have an amazing cornering ability.

Jet-Ski is actually the brand name for a personal watercraft (PWC) made by Kawasaki. The name, however, is now generally used for any type of personal watercraft. Fast and maneuverable, Jet Skis are the motorbikes of the sea.

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Powerboat racing is a sport that is so versatile that it would suit every person and pocket. It is generally divided into three categories. Offshore- A larger vessel  competing in high speed racing in coastal courses. Circuit - A smaller vessel that competes in fast action on closed lakes and rivers. Jet sport - More commonly known as jet skis. This is the most popular of all three as its great fun for all ages and can be used on lakes, rivers and at the coast. There are many clubs offering training, competition and events, many will take on juniors as young as eight.

Jet Skiing
This is a sport which started in the seventies with a stand-up model with a 2 stroke engine made by Kawasaki. They called it a Jet Ski! By the nineties there were models with 4 stroke engines, two person designs and sit-down types which had lean-in "sport" style handling. Kawasaki are still playing a big part but they have been joined by Yamaha, Bombardier and Polaris.

Jet Skiing began as a recreational activity but it is now a worldwide sport with both racing and freestyle disciplines. Freestyle Jet Skiing is done on the smaller light weight machines and contains all sorts of technical tricks similar to BMX or Motocross. Routines are judged on the skill in performing the routine and the quality of the content.

There is also the sport of Extreme Jet Skiing which began in the eighties. This is done by very skilled (& totally mad)riders in the violent surf of stormy seas.

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