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Kite Flying and Kite Surfing - The Ancient and The Modern

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Kite flying has been practiced for over a thousand years and gradually over the years it became popular recreational activity. All kinds of kites are now available and all you need to fly them is wind, an open space and a bit a practice!

Kite Surfing, also known as Kite Boarding is a rapidly growing new sport. Numbers grew from about 30 in 1998 to 200,000 in 2006. Your body is the only connection between the board and the kite. You have to learn to fly the kite and steer the board at the same time. In recent years it has become a much safer sport with new kite designs and quick release safety systems, However for your own safety and the safety of others training is essential.

The board is basically a small surf board with foot straps or bindings. The kite is a power kite. A basically simple concept but it is quite challenging to learn. There are various styles which have evolved which suit different riders and conditions - wake style, wave riding, freestyle, jumping and cruising. It is usually practiced on beaches can be done on any open body of water ie lakes, estuaries or even large rivers, as long as there is a wind speed of 10 - 35 knots.

Apart from the power kite and board other equipments includes - the control bar, kite harness, wetsuit, helmet, safety hook knife, personal flotation device, impact vest, board leash and a signaling device for rescue.

Your kite surf lessons will include:-
Basic kite setup, operation, maintenance, kite size and type considerations, operation of all safety systems,weather planning and hazards, launch area selection, board leash use, solo launching and landing, emergency landing, self rescue, safety gear, kite tuning, water starting and how to stay upwind while riding.

Lessons start by learning to fly your kite on the beach. Bodydragging is next where a larger kite is used to drag the student's body through the water. Once these techniques have been mastered the board can be attached to the feet!

Kitesurfing in Cabarete

Kiteboarding at Northam Burrows - Nort Devon
Kite boarding or Kite Landboarding is similar apart from the fact that it uses a mountain board to tranverse flat land which is usually hard sand. Quite high speeds can be reached.

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