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Fishing - a popular sport enjoyed by all - rich or poor - disabled or able-bodied

In ancient times fishing was simple providing food by catching fish by any means. Modern fishing is both a recreation and professional sport with various conventions, rules and restrictions. The listings include fly fishing, course fishing and sports fishing along with information about fishing gear, holidays and clubs.

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Sport Fishing

Sports FishingSports fishing which includes big game fishing is an expensive hobby if you were thinking of buying your own boat. The boats must be fairly large as they must remain stable while the fisherman is fighting fish that can weigh as much as 500kg. Most people therefore use a charter service where the boat and equipment are hired. This also has the advantage of the experience and expertise of the captain at hand

The most common fish caught are marlin, tuna, tarpon, sailfish, shark and mackerel. The big game fishing is mainly carried out in open sea off the coasts of Florida,. California, Hawaii, Eastern Australia, Caribbean, Mexico as well as off South America

Fish are caught using hook line rod and reel. The main purpose for fishing is the challenge of finding and catching the fish. Obviously many of the fish caught are eaten although some are just weighed, photographed and maybe preserved as trophies. However there are now sport fisherman who having caught the fish, record vital statistics and fit them with identity tags and release them - a system known as tag and release

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing
In Britain one thinks of fly fishing as anglers with chest high waders fishing rivers for trout or salmon. However world wide this technique, in various forms is also used to catch steelhead, pike, perch, walleye, bass,and catfish.
The idea is to catch fish with manmade flies which are cast with a specially designed rod and fly line. The flies are made in different sizes, colours and patterns to replicate the natural food of the fish you are trying to catch. Hair, fur, feathers and synthetic materials are all used.
Unlike normal casting, fly fishing can be thought of as casting the line as opposed to the lure. There are various casting techniques but the idea is to allow the entirety of the line to unfurl parallel to the water's surface. As the fisherman becomes more experienced, the accuracy and length of cast is increased. Dry fly fishing is where the fly is kept on the surface whereas wet-fly fishing has fly is below the surface


Coarse Fishing
Course FishingThis is very popular in the UK and Europe. Fish targeted include carp, pike, perch, ream, rudd, tench. There are two basic techniques - float fishing where the bait is suspended under a float - and legering where the bait is held on the river bed or lake bottom by a weight.
Most coarse fishing is purely for pleasure - just to enjoy a relaxing days fishing. However there are angling matches where anglers gather at a venue to catch as many fish as possible in allotted time. There is also specimen hunting where the fisherman can wait for days, even weeks targeting a particular species to weigh and photograph, hoping for a personal best.


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