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Climbing is basically using your hands and feet to move up the surface of a steep object. Rock climbing is the most familiar form of climbing but there are other types such as ice climbing and buildering (climbing up the outside of tall buildings. Mountaineering is just using various climbing techniques to assend mountains. Listings for climbing and mountaineering

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Rock climbing is a growing sport and is popular with all age groups. It involves climbing up or across man-made rock walls or natural rock formations with the goal of reaching the top, known as the summit. As with all extreme sports, training of proper climbing techniques and usage of specialized equipment is essential. Rock climbing requires strength, agility and endurance. Not only is this sport  physically demanding but also mentally as you need  a high level of control. There are a variety of different forms of climbing which include ice climbing, buildering and bouldering. This is why it makes it such an exciting sport, as there is so much choice. There always going to be bigger and better rock formations,  meaning each time you can push yourself a little further and develop your skills, making it a perfect sport for amateurs through to the professionals.

Ice climbing is excellent for the climber who loves new experiences and the great outdoors. This sport involves climbing ice formations such as cliffs and rocks covered with ice, frozen waterfalls and icefalls. Ice climbing is generally devided into two different types alpine ice and water ice. Alpine ice is found on mountains and is usually climbed when trying to each the summit, where as water ice is when a flow of water has frozen, it is often found on cliffs. Both these types of ice can vary greatly in consistency depending on  the weather conditions, which is why training on knowledge is essential.

Buildering is commonly known as urban climbing. It is when you climb on the outside of buildings and other structures. This is a growing sport with more and more special events taking place for experienced climbers. It can attract huge crowds, especially with the media attention  it gets, calling it the modern day spiderman. Climbers tend to start  with smaller sections of buildings and gradually build on there skills, strength and stamina to accomplish larger structures. Buildering can be a dangerous sport if practised without  ropes and protection, making training a must.

Bouldering is not only a fantastic way to gain new skills in climbing, it is now a popular sport in its own right. It is a style of rock climbing used without rope and is normally restricted to very short climbs to limit serious injury, this is why its great to develop your skills. This type of climbing is usually practised  on natural or man-made boulders, a boulder is a large rock. However as the sport has developed, the more experienced climber can practice at the base of larger rock faces.


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