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Open Canoeing

The Open or Canadian Canoe
The Canadian or open canoe is usually paddled with a single bladed paddle while kneeling or sitting on a raised seat. They are available in various materials and lengths to suit your requirements. Not only are they great for day trips but they have the space to take gear for several days camping.

Paddling an open canoe is a wonderful family activity, that enables you in a very short time to get away from the hustle and bustle and see life from a new perspective. You are not restricted to the lakes of Canada - there are beautiful deserted lochs in Scotland, a superb canal network in England and suitable rivers and lakes to be found throughout the world.

White Water Kayaking

Whitewater Kayaking
Whitewater kayaks are usually short in order for them to be very maneuverable and they are now made from rigid, high impact plastic which is slightly flexible and very durable.

Depending on the river the experience can be easy fun trip suitable for a complete beginner to a dangerous adrenaline packed extreme sport.

There is an International Scale of River Difficulty to grade stretches of river or individual rapids.

Grade one is the safest and least challenging with Grade six being exceptionally difficult and dangerous and only to be attempted by very skilled whitewater kayakers. Even a Grade four is considered to be an advanced level.

Care must also be taken with unusual water levels. High flood waters or even low water can change the grade of a stretch of water.

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Sea Kayaking
Sea Kayaks are designed for open waters - lakes, estuaries, seas and even the ocean. They began as the native boats of the north - Alaska, Northern Canada and Greenland and were originally made from wood, fabric and stretched skin. Now they are usually made from fiberglass, rotomolded polyethylene, and kevlar with built in buoyancy systems. However there are still some hand crafted from the original materials.

They may not have the maneuverability of a whitewater kayak but they are ideal for traveling distance in that they can carry cargo and it is relatively easy to paddle in a straight line (sometimes with the help of a skeg or rudder)

Sea kayaking combines much of the appeal of hill walking, but with few access issues, an almost infinite area to enjoy and the advantage of being able to take your camping gear, without carrying it on your back. It is an excellent way to observe the local wildlife which often unconcerned by the presence of kayaks. Have a look at this well known, but still amazing video clip of a killer whale - it is worth waiting for it to download.

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Circumnavigation of Scandinavia by Sea Kayak, it is in aid of the 'Children's Hospice South West' 'Precious Lives Appeal' and the 'Ovarian Cancer Action'.

Sit On Tops
Sit On Top Kayaks provide an easy and affordable entry into the world of paddling. They are stable, easy to paddle and great fun for the whole family. Paddling, surfing, whitewater, touring, exploring, snorkeling, fishing - whatever it is you can do it on a sit on top!
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