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  Sea Kayaking by Jeff Allen

The Sea Kayak

Sea kayaking is fast becoming one of the most popular Watersports. To some it represents freedom: endless horizons, beautiful sunsets and the means of getting back to nature. Of all the vessels which take to the ocean the sea kayak probably has the least impact on the environment, allowing you to get closer to nature with a very special ability to interact with wildlife and encounters with sea mammals such as Dolphin, Seals and even Whales can occur.

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At the extreme end of the sport sea kayakers are however taking on ever more increasing challenges, with some participant's even attempting Ocean crossings and conducting circumnavigations of major land masses, often in excess of many thousands of miles.

The kayak was designed to inhabit the regions which most other craft fear to tread. The 'coastal interface' which can be one of the most dynamic and vibrant places on the planet, is the area where wind, water and land collide. The skilled sea kayaker will navigate his craft through this area, launching and landing on a daily basis, often having to brave the surf zone to find safe refuge to recuperate or to find navigable water through which he can pass. In the event of being separated from his vessel the sea paddler can have only hours of survival time? In certain areas of the world when the kayaker ventures upon the ocean, he quickly realises he is most definitely a part of the food chain as well as being at the mercy of all the elements.

Sea Kayaks

A brief history:

The sea kayak was originally developed by the Inuit peoples of the far North. The word kayak or qaajak in its native form translates to 'hunter's boat' and was used for hunting Seal, Bear, Whale and Caribou as well as for fishing.

Originally made from Seal skin, driftwood and bone, its modern day equivalent is a high tech piece of merchandise, now made from composite materials such as Carbon fibre, GRP and plastic, some kayak manufacturers will even create beautiful kayaks built from wood.

The sea kayaker

Sea kayaking is an assumed risk sport and is very much dependant upon personal skill. The sport in the United Kingdom is governed by the British Canoe Union and before venturing onto the sea it is strongly recommended that you seek professional instruction.


Jeff Allen

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