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Information on all kinds of Outdoor Sport & Leisure Activities

This site concentrates on non competitive outdoor sports, where the only person you are competing against is yourself. Pushing yourself that little bit further, practicing until you get it right, gives you a great sense of achievement. There is also that wonderful feeling of well-being as you become part of the beautiful rugged outdoor world .

There is nothing better than coming home after a days activity. You may be tired, dirty or aching all over, but you really feel alive.

Can the same be said of sitting in front a computer screen playing cybersports with your fingertips I don't think so!

There is a sport out there for you. Don't worry about your age or if you have never done anything before. Find a local club or centre and give it a go. If one sport does not suit, try another!

Get out there! Enjoy the Outdoors

Activity Holidays - Adventure Travel
Does sitting by a pool all day bore the pants off of you. Then try something totally different. There are listings for activity holidays from all over the world. Icludes corporate activities and stag weekends.

Canoeing - Kayaking
Includes sea kayaking, white water kayaking, open canoeing, paddling holidays, retailers, manufacturers, clubs and societies. Listings for canoeing and kayaking

Caving - Canyoning
Caving is the well known sport of exploring caves and the challenge of exploration attracts many, but small dark holes deep underground are certainly not for everyone! The listings include cavers clubs, caving gear, cave training plus information about caving worldwide. We also have details of the new sport of canyoning which uses many of the same skills. Listings for caving, potholing and canyoning

Climbing is basically using your hands and feet to move up the surface of a steep object. Rock climbing is the most familiar form of climbing but there are other types such as ice climbing and buildering. Mountaineering is just using various climbing techniques to ascend mountains. Listing for Mountaineering and Climbing

Country Sports
Country and field sports includes hunting, shooting, fishing, falconry along with ferreting and dog trailing. We have covered fox hunting, fishing and game shooting under other headings but include here hunting with hounds, dog trailing, falconry and ferreting.

There are many recreational activities using the bicycle from touring and sightseeing to BMX racing on purpose built tracks. There is also mountain biking which basically involves riding specially designed bikes almost anywhere!

Extreme Sports
This section of the website contains the extreme sports which have not already been covered under the other main headings. These include sky diving, bungee jumping, base jumping, paragliding and free running (a fairly new sport seen in the opening chase scene of the James Bond movie - Casino Royal) Listings for Extreme Sports

Modern fishing is both a recreation and professional sport with various conventions, rules and restrictions. The listings include fly fishing, course fishing and sports fishing along with information about fishing gear, holidays and clubs. Listings for Fishing and Angling

Flying and Gliding
From the late 1970's people have been looking for afforable ways to fly. This has resulted in the building of a whole variety of different lightweight slow flying aeroplanes. Gliders have been around a lot longer and the first competition was actually in 1920.

General Information
Include:- Adventure Racing,Insurance, Clubs & Societies, LGBT Outdoor Sporting Activities, Outdoor Adventure Jobs, First Aid, Health and Safety, Navigation, Weather Forecasts

Golf has all the elements needed from an outdoor activity - it provides exercise, skills to master, the enjoyment of being outside in beautiful scenery along with the company of like minded people. Listings for Golf

Horse Riding
Although this is a huge topic, we have concentrated on horse riding as a recreational activity rather than the more commercial aspects such as horse racing or working horses.

Off Road Motor Sports - Off Roading, Motocross and Trial Riding
Off roading is a simple a term for driving four wheel drive vehicles such as Landrovers and ATV's off road. Drivers pit their skills against all kinds of natural terrain. Motocross uses specially built motorcycles and is fast, dirty and often dangerous. Trial riding is a non-speed event, the idea being to ride a natural obstacle course without touching the ground.

Kites - Kite Surfing
Kite flying has been practiced for over a thousand years and gradually over the years it became popular recreational activity. Kite Surfing is a rapidly growing new sport. Numbers grew from about 30 in 1998 to 200,000 in 2006. Your body is the only connection between the board and the kite. You have to learn to pilot the kite and steer the board at the same time.

Outdoor Sport for Disabled People
There are 600 million disabled people in the world and they, just like the rest of us, need the thrill and enjoyment that outdoor sport can provide.

Powerboats, Zap Cats and Jet Skis
Power boats have a high power to weight ratio and the hull is design to plane over the water which allows for high speed. Zap Cats - basically small inflatable catamarans - have an incredible speed and cornering ability. Jet Ski's are capable of high speed and excellent maneuverability and are like motorbikes on water.

Sailing - Windsurfing
Sailing used to be considered a sport for the rich and although that still may be the case with luxury yachts, dingy sailing is available to all. It is not difficult to find a club or centre where the basic sailing techniques can be learned in a safe environment. Many of sailing clubs are also windsurfing clubs indeed windsurfing does use many of the sailing techniques.

Scuba Diving - Snorkeling
Most people understand what is implied by the term Scuba Diving but I wonder how many actually realise that Scuba actually comes from Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Includes information on dive training, operators, boat charter, diving holidays, dive gear, spearfishing and freediving. Listings for Scuba Diving, Free Diving, Spearfishing and Snorkeling

Shooting - Archery
This is a vast subject but for the purposes of this website we have included links to game shooting, rifle shooting, shotgun sports like skeet, trap and clay pigeon shooting. Also covered are the various forms of archery along with the rather less serious paintballing sites!

Unlike most of the outdoor activities on this website, skateboarding is an urban sport. Sometimes it is considered an extreme sport although to skateboarders it is often seen as an art form, hobby or just a means of transport.

Snow Sports - Skiing, Skateboarding, Dog Sledding, Snow Mobiling
Skiing, as we know it today saw its beginnings at the end of the 19th Century, whereas snowboarding developed 100 years later and did not become an olympic sport until 1998. Dog sledding and snow mobiling also included.

Surfing & Wave Ski Surfing
Surfing has existed in Hawaii for over 200 years but it is only since 1960 that it has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. For many it is not just a sport but a way of life with its own culture, language and style of clothing. However don't let this put you off having a go - its fun and most definitely addictive!

Walking - Running - Scrambling
Hiking is an excellent outdoor activity for the whole family. It is a chance to enjoy the scenery in rural or wilderness areas, exercise the body and de-stress the mind.

Water Skiing - Wakeboarding
Water skiing was invented in the early 1920's. Beginners using two skis are pulled along at speeds of about 25-35 kilometers per hour. Wakeboarding developed as a combination of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing techniques and the towing speeds are less.

White Water Rafting
Is white water rafting a thrilling leisure activity or a dangerous sport? It is probably a combination of the two. Since it began in the 1970 it has certainly become a lot safer with legislated safety measures, better qualified operators and much improved equipment. Listings for White Water Rafting

Wilderness - Survival - Bushcraft
Anyone who participates in adventure sports is well advised to have a basic knowledge of survival skills. Useful skills include finding shelter, making water safe to drink, making fire, finding food along with treating injury and tool making. Where survival skills become used more on a daily basis they are known as bushcraft.